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Tumblr of the Day: Jony Ive Redesigns Things

Jun 14 2013 - 10:31am

When iOS 7 made its debut at this week's WWDC, there was only one thing on our minds: color . . . color everywhere! Apple's latest brighter, bolder mobile operating system [1] features a kaleidoscopic palette of colors, which was undoubtedly handpicked by the company's senior VP of design, Jony Ive.

It seems as though the man behind the box with rounded corners (aka the iPhone, the iPod, etc.) was inspired by some sort of psychedelia, which left graphic designer Sasha Agapov [2] to wonder: what if Jony Ive redesigned things that weren't iOS 7?

Jony Ive Redesigns Things [3] is a Tumblr collection of inanimate objects, iconic movie posters, and brands, as seen through Mr. Ive's flattened, multicolored world view. This [4], for example, is how Apple's soft-spoken Brit imagines stop signs, and this [5] is his vision for iTunes.


Enjoy these neon gems, let us know which flat reinterpretation is your favorite, then follow popsugartech.tumblr.com [6] for even more tech/pop culture remixes.

Source: Tumblr user Jony Ive Redesigns Things [7]

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