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The Roles That Give Joseph Gordon-Levitt Major Geek Cred

Ever since his alien days on 3rd Rock From the Sun, Joseph-Gordon Levitt has taken on plenty of nerd-friendly characters. With this week's opening of The Dark Knight Rises, we're taking a look back at some of his most memorable geeky parts. From his early stardom on the small screen to his part in the final Batman installment, here are our favorite geek-approved roles from Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

  • 3rd Rock From the Sun — As Tommy Solomon, Joseph played an alien who was disguised as an adolescent human. Despite being a teenager, though, he was actually the oldest, smartest alien in the group — a fact he regularly mentioned throughout the series.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You — Joseph's role as Cameron channeled a classic story of a geek who gets the girl. As the new kid in school, he decided to capture the cool girl's attention by being her tutor. It works, and she falls for his nice-guy charm over the stereotypical hot jock's smarm.
  • (500) Days of Summer — Joseph has two wonderfully nerdy scenes in this film: first, there's his sunshine-y, over-the-top musical number after sparks fly with Summer. The second moment? When his character Tom, a trained architect, totally geeks out and creates a giant skyline wall mural.
  • Inception — From the plot to the cinematography, this buzzed-about sci-fi action movie had all the best geeky elements — they are mind hackers, after all. Joseph played Arthur, the partner who researched and plotted all the missions into the dream worlds.
  • The Dark Knight Rises — This week, Joseph hits the big screen in the latest Batman movie. In the final installment of the classic comic-turned-film series, Joseph plays a young, idealistic Gotham City police officer.
mysticsite mysticsite 5 years
I too thought he was adorable as a kid. I liked the movie 10 Things I Hate About You.  I've watched it many times. As many geeky roles he has played, he has played many non-geeky roles too. His acting ability is very vast. His role in Inception, I didn't think of as geeky just a highly intelligent man like Leo DeCaprio's character. I think he will surprise us even more as time goes by, geeky role or not. 
2Chris4Chris 2Chris4Chris 5 years
yes he is adorable!   I loved him as Tommy remember when he thought it was a good idea to "practice with anther girl"  and couldn't figure out why is girlfriend was upset !  Too Funny!   I think he did a wonderful job as Adam in 50/50! 
Grace-Wilcox Grace-Wilcox 5 years
He is such a cutie geek. I first fell for him when I saw Angels in the Outfield, one of my favorite movies as a kid!
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