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First Headphones, Now Earbuds: Is This the New Jewelry?

OK, I'm all for making geek chic, but this is kind of pushing it. First, So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson sported her pink headphones on camera, and now, on Comedy Central's new show Michael and Michael Have Issues, boss Biederman wears his earbuds around his neck.

The big difference between the SYTYCD and Michael is that it's possible that Gibson was listening to her cans before the taping and just left them on, but the earbuds are part of Michael's Josh Pais's character — he always wears the Apple earbuds around his neck, with no iPod in sight.

I wear my earbuds like this when I'm going somewhere after listening to my iPod and plan to listen to it again when I leave, but it's funny that the character rocks the earbuds continually.

Do you wear your earbuds like this? What's behind the look? Status? Convenience? Just like the way it looks?

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TrulyLoved TrulyLoved 8 years
its strange to see someone just wearing earbuds for fashion. I only use my earbuds if i'm planning on listening to music on my iphone. now, i can understand if one wears the earbuds if they were or planning to listen to their ipod. Perhaps I'll try this at work today and see what happens among my fellow co-workers. i bet it will be the start.
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