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These Goats Would Like to Welcome You to Jurassic Park

Jul 3 2014 - 4:23pm

Fact: the Jurassic Park theme song [1] is a symphonic masterpiece whose only rival in greatness is "The Imperial March [2]" of Star Wars, both of which were composed by John Williams. The only thing that can top Williams's work? Goats [3]. Let the baa-ing of these goats take you back to the wonder of first seeing the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park in all their computer-graphics [4] glory.

If goats aren't your thing (we'll have to discuss why that is later), one of these other covers should do the trick.

Source: Universal Pictures [5]

Jurassic Park Weissenborn Instrumental

Jurassic Park Keytar

Jurassic Park Swizz Beatz Remix

Jurassic Park Melodica

Jurassic Park Minecraft Note Block

Jurassic Park Flute

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