Photo: Nicole Nguyen

Kacy Catanzaro, a 5-foot, 100-pound former gymnast, is the definition of small but mighty. POPSUGAR Fitness got an exclusive interview with Kacy after her historic win as the first-ever female to reach the finals of American Ninja Warrior, and we recently caught up with the professional ninja at San Diego Comic-Con's Assassin's Creed: Unity parkour run outside the convention center.

The obstacle course is essentially a real-world version of what you see in the upcoming video game, where players take control of free-running master assassins in French Revolution-era Paris. "I really loved the rope swing, because I got to use my technique," Kacy said of one of the course's more arm-strength-intensive challenges.

Kacy, of course, breezed through the entire Comic-Con course. She dodged past swinging 14-pound balls, fell from a 25-foot "leap of faith" tower, sprinted up a steep rock wall, and ran across a swinging barrel with ease.


There's no doubt that this type of athleticism requires a lot of brain work, too: "Obstacles are great because you have to think outside of the norm. You have to adjust quickly, and if you mess up, recover quickly. It's thinking about those little things that I love."

Source: Casey Rodgers/AP Images

Basically, she's the perfect video game character — smart, fast, agile, and strong — rolled into one person. Can someone please make a video game based on this woman?

There are rumors of a new female assassin in the upcoming Assassin's Creed: Unity game, slated for an October release. We're really, really hoping this is true. If not, there's still some time to incorporate Kacy into gameplay . . . right, Ubisoft?

Source: Casey Rodgers/AP Images

So what's next for Kacy? "The future is unwritten," she said. "But my passion is still fitness and breaking through those barriers."

People are definitely inspired the amazing work she's doing. "I've heard from fans, 'Because of you, I'm going to the gym today,' and a lot of stories about an injury or something else holding them back, and how I've inspired them." Well, she's certainly motivated us to get off our butts and work out. This week, we're on the run-to-all-the-panels cardio plan at Comic-Con. Stay tuned for more from San Diego, CA!