If you've spent any time on iTunes in the past month, then you know "I Kissed a Girl" singer Katy Perry. She has more confessions, this time of the geeky variety, that she spilled in an interview with CNET.

In addition to declaring that she's "Internet crazy," Perry shares an idea she has about USB sticks and jewelry:

"The other day I saw some kids wearing bracelets with USB drives hanging from them. Inside was their digital music. You pull the (cap off the USB) and plug it into your computer, and you get the music and some artwork. I thought to myself I could make the coolest bracelets that could be in the shape of a heart and you break it apart to get the music. It could be another accessory you wear. "

I would totally sport that. Check out the rest of the interview for more of Perry's thoughts about why file sharing is inevitable, and how she 'gets' digital music!