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Keep Your Gadgets Scratch Free With the Redmaloo Gadget Sleeves

Keep Your Tech Covered With the Redmaloo Felt Sleeves

I talk a lot of game about keeping your cell phones and MP3 players safe and covered, but guess what — I don't always take my own advice. For example, my iPod is not covered most of the time, and I sometimes let my iPhone run naked in my bag. Bad news, I know. But if I had the extra cash to throw down for these designer Redmaloo Felt Sleeves (about $43) — which are designed to fit your iPhone and iPod Touch, but I think they could fit your Blackberry and other gadgets — I would totally spring for them.

Not only are the colors totally inviting, but the elastic strap ensures that your tech isn't going anywhere but safely home. Plus, felt keeps your screens free of scratches, and the fabric is a cool juxtaposition next to your sleek gadgets.

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nokomomo nokomomo 7 years
Don't get me wrong, the elastic is good idea and they do look pretty cool BUT 1. they are too expensive and 2. they aren't very unique AT ALL. As an Etsy seller, I'm with "anonymous", one can find many awesome, creative, and unique HANDMADE cases with story! ....AND at a friendlier price =P Ps: I also handmake cases, and I'm not commenting to advertize my items, but if you're curious, you can find them @
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 8 years
nope i would never buy it. it probably cost about $2 to make and 10 mins max.
esmerb esmerb 8 years
Elfyn Elfyn 8 years
Oh Em Gee! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! $43 smackers for a little felt sack?
karyney karyney 8 years
I totally want, but $43 is pushing it a little for felt.
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