Kelly Moore Camera Bag Makes Other Bags Super Jealous

Sure, there's plenty of DSLR bags, cases, and other cuteness to tote your photography goods in, but have you ever seen one that looks this classy? The Kelly Moore Camera Bag ($250) is just that — classy — and has plenty of pockets to stash all your goods in for a day on the job: camera, flash, up to four lenses, cords, phone, keys, wallet, and spare batteries, all in it's chic 16x11 body.

Moveable inner dividers ensure that your expensive equipment can rest easily inside, while the outside zippers and pockets can tote all your other junk that usually lives in your bag. Bonus — these bags are water resistant, weigh just two pounds, and come in seven different shades of awesome. Are you in love yet? If not, check out some more pics below, and then see how you feel.

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