Text messaging or talking on your cell phone while driving is a nasty habit, dangerous and illegal. It's hard to break habits sometimes though, but you don't have to rely on willpower alone.

The service Key 2 Safe Driving stops you from even being able to talk or text while driving. They configure your car key to connect with the service over Bluetooth or RFID, so every time your key goes into the ignition and turns on the engine, your cell phone becomes inactive, except for dialing 911.

You can configure it to let you talk with a hands-free device if you're an adult, and not at all if it's for a teen. This is a good solution if you find it hard to break the communication cycle while you're driving, or if you're in charge of someone who can't get the no-texting, no-talking message either. Best of all, Key 2 Safe Driving suggests that you may be able to parlay your usage of their service into an insurance discount.

Interested? It's not quite out yet, but you can place a pre-order now.