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Keyboard Shortcut to Increase Font Size

Geek Tip: Prevent Web Blindness by Increasing Font Size

Inevitably, there will come a day when even while your glasses are on, or your contacts are in, you'll be squinting to see the small print on your monitor. Is it old age? Too far from your monitor? Who knows, but there is a keyboard shortcut solution to keep you from looking like you just took a whiff of something totally rotten.

You can increase the font size on your web pages just by hitting ctrl + on PC's, and command + on Mac's. Very simple, very discreet, and no more straining to get closer to your screen. Plus, it's just as easy to get text back to normal by hitting either ctrl - or command - . Oh, and after you're done surfing in comfort, make an appointment to get your eyes checked. . . . squinting doesn't look cute on anyone!


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