Amazon won't disclose the number of new Kindle devices it's sold so far, but it has said that its success has been impressive. The Kindle is already for sale at Target stores, and now it's coming to Staples this Fall. Three Kindle models will be available at all Staples stores: the new Kindle ($139), Kindle 3G ($189), and Kindle DX ($379), plus accessories for all three.

The Kindle isn't the only ereader worth checking out, as evidenced by the success of other models. And today, there's more news about Borders' Kobo ereader, which launched in June. The ereader, formerly priced at $150, has dropped to $129 — $10 less than the Kindle. Additionally, Borders has announced preorder availability for Velocity Micro's Android Cruz Reader R101 ($199) and Cruz Tablet T103 ($299), poised as less expensive iPad competitors.