If you didn't get to see King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters when it came out in limited release in theaters last year, then I'm telling you, you have to see this movie when it comes out on DVD January 29th. An awesome documentary on gaming and perseverance, King of Kong follows humble high school teacher Steve Wiebe as he tries to get the world record for the highest score on Donkey Kong. He doesn't just face rolling barrels — Wiebe finds something much more challenging in the real world: Mulleted ego-maniac Billy Mitchell and his nerdy goons. Mitchell had captured the title of "Gamer of the Century" in the 1980s and was the world record holder for Centipede and Donkey Kong.

Hanging on to his glory days and unfortunate fashion choices 20 years later, Mitchell gets wind of Wiebe's attempts to overthrow him and the fun begins. King of Kong exposes you to a fascinating world of competition, and a host of characters that you would have thought were fictional if you didn't know it was a documentary. Even if you're not into gaming, you have no excuse, because this movie is amazing!