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LA Noire Review

6 Reasons to Love L.A. Noire, and 1 Reason You'll Want to Pull Your Hair Out

I just started playing L.A. Noire, and if you haven't already picked it up for yourself, you're missing out. This stylish game puts you in control of an investigator that is hunting down a possible serial killer set in 1947 LA. So far it's pretty amazing — the sounds, style, and incredible likeness to real TV stars make this game totally addictive. Since I can't yet give you a full review, I asked members of our Facebook and Twitter communities, who have already finished the game, to weigh in on their favorite parts of the thriller; see their reactions below!

  • The characters — Not only does this game star some of your favorites from Mad Men, and Fringe, it also has some seriously complex characters. Bradley B. says, "[Cole] is one of the most fleshed out characters in recent releases."
  • The open environment — I love a sprawling environment to explore, and L.A. Noire delivers. You can drive around the city and visit landmarks, search for clues, or find hidden gems out on the streets.
  • CSI-style detective work — Just like in some of your favorite crime-solving shows, you get to investigate scenes, put together pieces of the puzzle, and attempt to find the real killers. Which leads to . . .
  • The interrogation — Since you'll be gathering information at the scene, you'll want to put together the most accurate information in order to bring in the right suspects. But there's a definite sense of cat-and-mouse in the interrogation room. You could ask the wrong questions and put away the wrong suspect at any moment, or be forced to start your case over completely. And that's never good for your relationship with the chief!
  • The investigation/action one-two punch — Investigating a scene or following a lead one moment, then chasing down a potential suspect and covering your behind in a shootout the next — it's all part of solving crime in 1940's LA!
  • The story — Danielle W. says, "It's interesting that a case can turn out a number of different ways. This game has very mature story telling" and Spacekatgal agrees. She says her favorite thing about L.A. Noire is "the mature narrative. I've never seen nudity in a videogame in a way that tells a better story."

To learn about one way L.A. Noire will want to make you scream, just read more.

  • Nino E. says the chase scenes are frustrating, and "no matter what you do, the suspects could always run faster, jump quicker, and turn on a dime!"

What did you think of L.A. Noire? Leave your comments below!


Nick14912764 Nick14912764 4 years
ROCKSTAR i am very much disappointed with your patch and stuff i wasted my money my la noire copy is not working and its not once it happend with my max payne 3 disc also
Kristy-Ellington Kristy-Ellington 6 years
Awesome to hear! I just started over the weekend, and although I'm only a few hours in, I love it!
stylinfabqueen stylinfabqueen 6 years
I love this game and I recently finished it. Its so worth the time and frustrations.
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