Remember Glamour Shots? The beyond cheesy photography sessions at your local mall that took you from sweatpants victim to vixen with a tube of lipstick, a boa, and a soft-focus camera lens?

It's thankfully gone the way of Clear Pepsi and died with the '80s. But the idea at its core was a valid one: Sometimes we want to dress up and take pictures of ourselves looking like hot pinups. Samantha Jones did it for herself, J.Lo did it for Ben Affleck, and now you can do it — tastefully!

La Photique specializes in "vintage glamour photography" and will provide hair, makeup, outfits, and photography to make you into a playful, vintagey boudoir girl ala Rita Hayworth here (not a nudie bordello dweller). The packages run about $500-$1,000, but I think they'd make an excellent wedding gift for your groom, or if you are the groom, for your bride — which would be totally selfish. But fabulous.