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Lady Gaga Beats President Obama in Facebook Fan Race

Lady Gaga For the Win in the Race to 10 Million Fans

Last week, Lady Gaga and President Obama were in a race to be the first to 10 million Facebook fans. Today, Lady Gaga wins! When I asked, most of you predicted she would be the winner, and now she has the second highest amount of Facebook fans ever recorded, behind Michael Jackson. Gaga still has a long way to go before she hits MJ's 14 million fan mark, but is anyone really surprised that the tech-loving star managed to become the most popular living person on Facebook?

It's no secret I'm a huge Gaga fan — so I'm definitely pumped for her latest victory. And she's pretty happy as well; after she heard the news, she posted a video on her page in celebration.

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Akasha Akasha 7 years
My question is does anyone really think that Obama was actually competing in this one-sided contest. I didn't see Obama fame-whoring and begging for Twitter fans. Besides how interesting could Obama's Twitter be? First it's not written by him, probably not even approved by him, and what does it say? "Can't decide what to have the white House private chef make me for lunch today. Any thoughts?" "Crap I have to meet with that douche bag from BP again today." "Can I get Congress to declare Sarah Palin a traitor and a threat to national security and have her locked up once and for all" "Yay I'm taking the girls to see Eclipse. Love that Robert Pattinsen." We know what Lady Gaga's is going to say. "I'm obnoxious" "I think I'm better than everyone, and deserve to sit in Jerry's box" "I'm a famewhore" "I love Perez Hilton"
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