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LeBron James Gets Angry Letter From Cleveland Cavaliers Owner in Comic Sans

Do or Don't: Cavs Owner's Letter to LeBron in Comic Sans

As soon as font options were introduced to AOL, it was the font I chose. It's still the font with which my mother writes emails (signed with an emoticon smiley face), but the chosen font for one of the most-read posts on the Internet? What? Yesterday, after LeBron James announced which NBA team he'll be playing for, the owner of the Cavaliers posted a serious, angry open letter to fans, denouncing the player's decision and promising to bring a championship to Cleveland.

The problem? The letter was posted completely in the Comic Sans font. And despite the angry message the letter contained, the font almost made it laughable. The Cavs owner's font choice quickly made it into a trending topic on Twitter, and blogs picked up the story, calling Comic Sans, "a staple among six year old and grandmothers." Now that all of the hype surrounding "The Decision" is subsiding, do you agree that the font choice looks a little silly? Or is everyone making a big deal out of nothing?

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cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years
Resumes...anyone that uses Comic Sans gets tossed as "not a serious applicant" I must say I would jump to that same conclusion and possibly question the content of his note. On another note...I find it absolutely ridiculous and astounding that anyone would equate a font with someone being "old." Being "old" has nothing to do with which font a person chooses. The font has nothing to do with age however it does point to how educated a person may be. A well read person writing something deemed serious in nature or to be taken seriously would not choose Comic Sans however if writing was not that person's strong suit I am sure they could care less what font they used. There is a snobbery within the writing industry about the use of Comic Sans in general. I have observed professors tossing assignments typed in Comic Sans into the trash just because of the font. That being said, yes it is perhaps shallow but I agree with Roaring Silence. While the content may be serious it is a bit harder to swallow if written on stationary with kittens and flowers....or in Comic Sans. As an "old person" I am annoyed that someone assumes one is "old" if they poorly chose a font. I know a lot of youngsters that if it weren't for spell check would be lost. It wouldn't matter what font they chose.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
cherrypie61, of course it's shallow, but someone in his position should certainly know better. This is like writing a business letter on stationery with flowers and kittens on it.
Michele2930390 Michele2930390 6 years
Comic Sans responds on its own behalf: I heart McSweeney's!
SkinnyMarie SkinnyMarie 6 years
I think a font says a lot about tone. I know a lot of people who use script fonts in pink, comic sans, or other "cute" fonts in their signatures or emails at work and I really can't take them seriously. To me its something that an older generation does because they don't understand the implications a font can create. Each font has its own time and place, but to write a serious letter I would have use just plain old Century Gothic.
cherrypie61 cherrypie61 6 years
"...the font almost made it laughable." Come on! Give the man a break!!! Think it's so freaking shallow to judge a man's feelings or opinion for the type of font he uses.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 6 years
Anonymous is wrong on all points. I agree with everything Dan Gilbert said, a man who spent millions over seven years on an athlete to be treated with such disrespect and the circus that was created to make that announcement is much more than a "scorned mistress". Every word he said was true and more things he said in an interview today illustrate Gilbert's right to feel and speak his mind over the matter. However, is font was terrible. Luckily, I read it on my phone and the font didn't come up, however--I did hear about it. Poor Dan had a bad night, cut him a break.
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