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The New 3D Legend of Zelda Will Delight Your Inner Child

Jun 10 2014 - 6:15pm

Nintendo just made a big Legend of Zelda announcement that will make your Hyrulian heart sing. At the company's E3 Digital Event [1], a new open-world 3D Zelda game for the Wii U was previewed — and it looks spectacular.

The new landscape is absolutely stunning. Players are dropped in an idyllic, sun-drenched valley where grass blades billow in the wind. The ominous mountain range in the distance wasn't just added to increase the Lord of the Rings-style epicness. You can actually go there, which is one of the key features of this new Zelda game's "open world." Instead of following a linear path, where you encounter specific situations in sequence, players can enter any area from any direction, changing the gameplay dramatically.

In other news, the reimagined Link looks awesome.

We don't have too many details yet, just that the new 3D open-world Wii U game will arrive sometime in 2015. A new hybrid Wii U game called Hyrule Warriors [2], which combines Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors-style play, was also announced (released Sept. 26).

Source: Nintendo [3]

Old Zelda

Sail through the Great Sea!

Source: Nintendo [4]

*Really* Old Zelda

Ah, the days of up, down, L, R.

Source: Nintendo [5]

New Zelda!!

Forest! Billowing grass! Epic mountains! Sunshine!

Source: Nintendo [6]

Powerful Enemies in a Peaceful World!

What is that thing?

Source: Nintendo [7]

New Link Looks Awesome

Most importantly.

Source: Nintendo [8]

Look at the Tip of His Crossbow


Source: Nintendo [9]

Hold On to Your Britches, Here's the Trailer

Easy there, tiger, it's not out until 2015.

Source: Nintendo [10]

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