This post comes from community member kitkatherine in our Geek Gear Reviews group:

In January, I ordered a new computer! After a lot of research on computers (I looked at Dells, HPs, Toshibas, Asus, and more), there were only a few that fit my needs. I needed a fairly inexpensive computer to replace my Sony, but I needed a good computer as well. Around $1,000 (which I realize isn't inexpensive for a laptop, but for what I needed . . .) I wanted a nice processor at 2.4 GHz or above, at the least a 512 MB graphics card, at the least a 320 GB HD, and I didn't want it to look really ugly.

At first, Lenovo wasn't even in the picture. Then I found this computer . . .

While my exact model isn't available there, what I got was from and it's cheaper than Lenovo's site! I love this computer - it is really nice looking, light, portable, and fun.

To see the details about what kitkatherine loves about the Lenovo y550p, just read on.



  • The keyboard is a nice size. It feels nice, and types well.
  • The LED lights look sweet — and the little ideapad logo is really neat.
  • The sound on this thing is nice — it has a subwoofer, which is noticable when tested against my fiancee's MacBook Pro that is broken and basically plays sound far too loud.
  • The screen is bright and easy to read.
  • The computer can run Illustrator, Photoshop, World of Warcraft, and Google Chrome with no slow down.
  • Great at running any application or game with the processor.
  • The graphics card helps with games — my games look excellent.
  • Lots of storage — 500 GB. I've only used maybe 200 GB, a good portion of that for photos.
  • Windows 7 is great. I have little to no problems with it.
  • The computer is light, and is carried easily in a backpack (I'm 5' 2").
  • I love the orange accents
  • HDMI port, yes!
  • Not a loud fan. I heard others complain about this but I don't see it at all. Not when I have an airplane launching in the MacBook Pro that always sits next to me.

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