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Lighten Up, Geeks! Join the Funny Tech Stories Group

My sister still calls her kids' Wii "The Wii Machine" and my mom once sent all her information to her "bank" — which was of course, a scam. As scary as that experience is for anyone, she was able to stop anything from happening. Of course I can laugh at it now because all I remember is my mom calling me to tell me she got "hacked! I got hacked!"

These are the kind of stories we need in the Funny Tech Stories Group! I know you've got some great gems to share, and it's not limited to your loved ones — ever done anything embarrassing, tech-wise? Maybe you thought Ubuntu was the name of an ethnic restaurant, or wasted hours of your time when you got your first iPod trying to figure out how to get the songs off the device and onto a computer (my brilliant brother-in-law even did this). So join the group and if you make me giggle, you'll see it on the geeksugar homepage!


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Lindaloo52 Lindaloo52 9 years
I can sure relate to this!
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