I miss my pager. It was my lifeline during my (gasp) pre-cell phone teenage years and now the very thought of getting a "pager code" message or call and then running to the nearest phone sends waves of nostalgia through my body. If you too are worried about waves going through your body you better pick up this totally tubular StrikeAlert Lightning Strike Detector, which will keep you updated on incoming lightning. The device detects electromagnetic pulses that indicate the proximity of cloud-to-ground lightning and can tell you whether the most recent strike is within 20-40 miles, 12-24 miles, 6-12 miles or within 6 miles.

Before scoffing this bad boy off heed Thinkgeek's warning: lightning is fourty-thousand to one-hundred-twenty thousand amps at three million volts and carries enough power to light a hundred watt bulb for two months. It travels at fourty-five kilometers per second and can kill you faster than rocket to the face.

The device runs on two AAA batteries and is intended for use outside because electromagnetic pulses made by distant lightning strikes are also made by nearby things like computers and televisions. It costs $79.99.