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List of Funny Websites and Apps

Best of 2009: Giggly Geek Goodies

Say what you will about geeks, but most of us appreciate a good reason to LOL when we see one. How else can you explain the creation of hilarious sites like WikiDumper and We Have Lasers and the brilliant madness that is Comic-Con? Before you get all serious and start planning your New Year's resolutions, have a laugh on us thanks to some of our most giggle-inducing stories and roundups of 2009.

  • Browsin' and Boozin': Drunk Shenanigan Websites You Don't Want to End Up On — A new kind of website has popped up: the drunken night aggregator (to keep yourself from being featured on the lush site du jour, do yourself a favor and refer to my tech guide for avoiding boozy situations). Embarrassing, indulgent, exploitative, and frequently hilarious, these websites are unavoidable as the passed-around link among your friends right now, but trust me — you want to avoid actually being on these websites.
  • How Not to Be Taken Seriously: Gadget Gear to Avoid — I love the hybrid of convenience and comfort that comes in the form of wearable gadgets or accessories, but there are some things — OK, many things — that no self-respecting human should be caught dead wearing. At least not in public, among people you may want to date, hire, or befriend you some day. Check out my selections and see if you agree with me.

I have plenty of other techie apps, sites, and sights that will make you LOL. To see them,


  • 10 Funny Blue Screens of Death — Ahh, memories! It sure has been a while since I've been confronted with the notorious blue screen of death error screen, which often appears when a Microsoft Windows system goes kaput. Let's just say that when you see this screen, it's not good news. I've tracked down some funny BSOD incidences across the world — from airports to stadiums and train stations — which are so bad, they're good!
  • The Cover Up App Masks Unpleasant Restroom Sounds — After a glass of wine, your stomach starts rumbling and you realize that extra spicy Tandoori chicken dish maybe wasn't the best ordering option for your first date. Fear not, just grab your phone.
  • 10 Crazy iPhone Apps — Let me start off by saying there's an iPhone application for everything. Since Apple does reject the odd app here and there, you can be sure that every app goes through a rigorous approval process before making its way to the iTunes store. But there are those that slip through the cracks, like these 10 outrageous, naughty, hilarious — and some all of the above — apps.
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