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Geek Out: Do You Listen To Others' Cell Phone Conversations?

Today's geek out comes to you courtesy of an anecdote posted by SilverFang9899 in the Cell Phone Rant Group. It wasn't so much the cell phone story itself, about a woman screaming and crying on her cell phone — "It sounded as though her boyfriend were breaking up with her" — but a bit that SilverFang wrote about her own reaction.

She wrote: "It didn't really bother me, as I take perverse pleasure into listening to people's phone conversations, but if I were [her], I would have put my window up!"

To see what I think of this 'perverse pleasure', just


I have to confess that I totally relate to the perverse pleasure bit. No, I'm not a weirdo eavesdropper, but I'm just sayin': If you're ranting and raving on your cell phone in the aisles of Walgreens or the quiet bus, I'm probably going to listen. Especially if it's interesting.

Likewise, I expect that any public cell phone conversation I have is fodder for the unfortunate people near me who have to listen to it, and I try to remember that when my phone rings and I'm not alone.

Fess up: do you ever listen in?


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