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Llama With No Drama Instagram

These Photos of a Llama Traveling the World Will Bring Your Mind Some Peace

Morning Medellin!#llamawithnodrama

A photo posted by Llama With No Drama (@llamawithnodrama) on

Sometimes, there are days where it's hard to wake up and feel content about anything. Get some more happiness in your life with this cute Instagram account of a llama traveling the world, spreading a smile one post at a time.

The account, called Llama With No Drama, is a project by Eylul Savas, a brand consultant who lives in LA. She created it as a way to document her travels and bring happiness to people. Savas noticed that you can't really escape the barrage of tragic news every day and this is one small way to break your mind from that. "Filtering positive and negative messages is almost impossible," she said to Mashable. "[I] wanted to start something with the purpose of putting smile's on people's faces."

This tiny stuffed llama toy will also encourage your wanderlust. Since it goes wherever Savas goes, the llama has traveled to a lot of places — and that's part of the bigger plan for the account too. Savas hopes the llama will encourage people to travel.

So far, the Instagram account only has around 18,000 followers, but we're sure that will change soon enough. Look ahead to see some of the llama's journeys, and if that's not enough to satiate your wanderlust, this Lego figurine that travels the world might.

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