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Long Hair Causes Confusion For the Droid's Proximity Sensor

He's a Droid; I'm an iPhone: The Droid Hates My Hair

I try not to use my guy's phone too often when we're together, mostly out of principle. I am an iPhone, after all, and why share when I have my own? Besides, when I use his phone I usually end up messing something up in one way or another. I've made a few calls on it, though, and recently noticed that I keep bumping the phone with my face and either muting or ending a call. I've never had this problem with my iPhone, and my guy has never experienced it. We also noticed that when I use the Droid, the screen lights up when it's next to my ear — something that shouldn't happen.

A few Internet searches later, we figured out the problem: my long hair confuses the phone's proximity sensor, causing the screen to switch on even if the phone is still to my ear. If you're unfamiliar with the term, a proximity sensor is the part of your smartphone that detects when you're holding the phone to your ear, shutting the screen off. Once you move the phone — presumably away from your ear — the proximity sensor tells the screen to switch on. But with the Droid, if your hair gets in the way, the proximity sensor detects movement, switching on the screen and leaving it unlocked for accidental button pushes or hangups. The iPhone has a proximity sensor, but I've never experienced this problem.

It's easily solved; just be sure to pull your long hair away from your face and ear before making a phone call. After figuring out the problem, the accidental hangups stopped happening.

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getgoopy getgoopy 6 years
i do "face hangups" all of the time. i feel like whether my hair is up or down, it happens. i notice mostly that if i am moving, like pacing while talking, it happens the most. i HATE my droid and verizon for not allowing me to upgrade early and them telling me it's MY fault... it is absolutely maddening.
magickalrealism magickalrealism 7 years
Same here. My hair is long and I've never had a problem at all with my Droid. If it's such a huge issue, you might want to consider just putting it on speakerphone. It sounds to me like your boyfriend just has something set weird.
amandachalynn amandachalynn 7 years
I have a Droid and long hair, and I have never had that happen to me. Weird!
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