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Looking To Become A Celebrity DJ?

These days celebrity DJs like Lindsay Lohan and DJ AM (shown below at Pure Nightclub) just carry their shiny PowerBooks and MacBook Pros with them whenever they go out in case they get a chance to show their skills. If you're looking to become the next big thing it might be time to invest in some gadgetry that has been approved by the pros and is just as compact as carrying your laptop. TMZ recently suggested DJs with Hollywood dreams check out the Numark mixing console for the iPod. "Being a DJ is a surefire way to get into the Hollywood hotspots," says TMZ. "Plus, you're more likely to hook up with a smokin' hot starlet if you're a DJ than if you're a bouncer. For example, DJ AM and Mandy Moore."

Okay so, it's a long shot, but the iDJ is a sleek 2–channel mixer that enables mobile DJs and iPod enthusiasts to seamlessly integrate their portable music libraries with other music, video and sound reinforcement systems—transforming the iPod from a personal music player into a source playback device. I say that's as glamorous as it gets.

The iDJ works with 3rd generation iPods and later only. Its backlit blue–on–white design blends perfectly with the iPod.

  • USB connectivity (PC and Mac) enables iDJ to function as a music–loading base
  • Source

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DJNatashaLEE DJNatashaLEE 8 years
yes. youve GOT to be kiddn... hehe I personally do not veiw lindsey or any other celebrity that has a laptop and an Ipod as a dj...anyone can press play and next. lol Work the tables a bit and we'll talk. ~Nat~
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
Wow, that's fancy. But I would think a lot of DJs are old school music lovers that would prefer not to work from iPods.
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