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Lost Expensive Gadgets

Have You Ever Lost an Expensive Tech Item in a Very Dumb Way?

During a rare bit of CES downtime, a friend and I sat at a casino slot machine (What? They're fun) to kill some time and some cash. I ended up winning close to $50 on a $1 bet so I was pretty pumped and quickly bounded to the counter to get my cash, friend in tow. It wasn't until about an hour later that he realized he had left his camera sitting in between our two machines. We raced back to the casino, but the camera was long gone.

While I'm still holding out hope that someone actually turned it in and it'll end up finding its way home, the more likely story is that it is, in fact, gone.

I once left a cell phone (pre-iPhone, thank goodness) in a taxi but have otherwise been lucky enough not to lose any pricey gadgets to lapses in judgment. Has this happened to you? What was the outcome?

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