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Loud Enough Earphones by Ultimate Ears Are Perfect For Kids and Those With Smaller Ears

Ideal Earphones For Kids and Those With Smaller Ears

I can't wait to tell lilsugar about my latest tech discovery — earphones designed with kids' ears in mind. The Loud Enough Earphones ($40) are targeted for kids aged eight and older and feature built-in sound pressure protection that decrease noise up to 40 percent (or 20 decibels). And with their isolation design, kids won't have to crank up the volume so loud when they're playing video games, watching movies, or listening to tunes. They also come with a variety of sizes of (PVC free) soft silicone ear tips, making them perfect for adults with smaller ear canals.

I took a pair for a test drive and expected that the volume would be extremely quiet, the sound quality wouldn't be the same, and therefore, not exactly adult-friendly earphones. If you're one of those people who cranks up your music on full blast, then these are not for you. Personally, I like my music fairly loud, but on my iPhone or iPod, that's really only half of the volume level.

To find out if I would wear a pair of these earphones, just


With Loud Enough earphones, the full volume level is what I normally listen to, so you get a decent amount of sound and the quality isn't compromised whatsoever. So overall, it makes sense why they are for kids eight and older — because they don't output as much sound as other earphones, but they would be way too loud for a four or five year old. Would I wear them myself? Absolutely. They are also available in green and purple.

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sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
Jinx Jinx 8 years
So, they are smaller in size? I bought some earbuds, but they hurt my ears and fall out. I also have a new Ipod, I haven't tried the earbuds, but I am assuming I will have the same problem. I guess I have small ears.
SB-Marilyn SB-Marilyn 8 years
We are not allowing earbuds of any sort on our kids. Even with the audio controls that the iPod offers so they can't make it too loud I think they are unsafe. With the in ear headphones they block out more sound than the external type. My 10 year old just doesn't pay enough attention to not be able to hear people/cars coming his way.
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