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Love is Great, But Keep the Mushy Stuff to a Minimum Online

Tech Dating 101: Keep The Mushy Stuff to a Minimum Online

When you start dating someone you really like, it's easy to get wrapped up in the romance of it all: candle-lit dinners, hand-held walks in the park, and deciding on a name for your first born (don't pretend like you haven't done this). Jumping in head-first in the beginning is easy, but the bottom line is, don't go overboard on the mushy stuff online.

Since your love is new, you might have a tendency to announce to the world how you feel about Mr. Right via a few status updates. This is cute and all, but not everyone wants to know your pet names for each other, how much you miss being without them, or in what ways he completes your life on a daily basis. This is why the Facebook gods built private messages, and let me give you full reign to use those babies to your hearts' content. Want to pour your heart out? Send a PM.

Don't get me wrong, announcing how much you appreciate someone is awesome, but don't let it get to the point where your friends are gagging in front of their computer.

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devils devils 7 years
Thank youuuuuuuuu. Actually I feel this way about some people who do it in real life least, one or two people I know do it and it drives me CRAZY!
skigurl skigurl 7 years
ugh i agree i hate when people post kissing pics on facebook but i mostly hate when they change their status to crap about how they are so lucky, are so in love, love their boyfriend/girlfriend so much etc. etc. etc. and then post all over their walls mushy stuff about i love you etc. it's so lame. like as if you have to have a conversation on facebook with someone you're dating - don't you see them face to face or at least text/phone/email? something a little more personal and a little less public?
graduatedsqueaks graduatedsqueaks 7 years
Makes me think of the site: Yep, I keep my flirting to things where not everyone can see it :P
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
I think the whole expressing your affection via internet is no impersonal. You're dating someone --so tell them to their face! No need to talk about your "undying love" on a social network or by email! Sure, it's nice sometimes, like a quick G chat to say hi, I love you or something -- but don't write your damn love letters on Facebook or in an email. I don't do social networking, so this has never happened to me. My boyfriend has sent me emails about love and all that and I think it's sweet and say "thanks for emailing me how you feel'..." haha
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