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Love It or Leave It? Clip-On MP3 Player

If you like the way the 2G iPod Shuffle can easily clip onto your bag or sleeve for easy access, here's a new MP3 player that may give the shuffle a run for its money. Coby's MP-c852 MP3 Player looks like a giant clothes peg turned music player. Featured on Chip Chick, this 1GB clip-on MP3 player comes in five colors including blue, red, pink, silver and black and can play WMA and MP3 files, just don't try syncing it to your iTunes playlists. Miraculously they only cost $25. What do you think? Stick with the shuffle or give it a try? Leave your comments below!

Join The Conversation
buffyrulez buffyrulez 10 years
i leave it, cause i would broke it after 5 minutes.
lisett lisett 10 years
I'd lose it for sure, but very cute.
kissmesteph kissmesteph 10 years
It's cute. It's cheap enough that I wouldn't care if it got lost or wet or whatever, and the clip is perfect for when I go for a run. I only use a portable player for running, so something inexpensive like that would be awesome.
MuffinGal MuffinGal 10 years
It's not stylish but I wouldn't cry if I lost it.
Cherryluv Cherryluv 10 years
Leave it, the iPod Shuffle's much better.
Chica8a Chica8a 10 years
i would give it a try especially for that price!
katygirlthing katygirlthing 10 years
it looks like sexual thing... enough said. and also not worth the money
Curious-Alice Curious-Alice 10 years
I think they have a cute, colorful quality to them, and might make a good gift. At such an inexpensive cost, they might be a good choice for someone who is looking to give a young teen their first mp3 player.
Performita Performita 10 years
The design is 0 zero points. I can't imagine that anything like this would sound good. And WMA? LoL they must be kidding... Does anyone actually convert Audio files to that format? :P
xmeghanx xmeghanx 10 years
it's different but i wouldn't use it
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 10 years
they are cute but i wouldnt trust this brand.
prblms4loki prblms4loki 10 years
it's cute and i like it. but i agree with everyone that it doesn't sound very durable
velvetavalon velvetavalon 10 years
i have to agree with everyone else, cheap brand name, bulky look. but if it has a disk mode it might be a good jump drive for the money, maybe, ha!
menthadict menthadict 10 years
These look cute though
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
y the sound quality probably isb't great - but obviously this is a product for someone who perhaps can't afford to spend the money on a shuffle.
Ashenturtle Ashenturtle 10 years
I agree, it looks bulky, and for $25 I wonder how durable it is.
Cadet Cadet 10 years
Coby isn't a brand I trust. If they sell it at the local drugs store... I just don't trust it.
sugababee sugababee 10 years
lllllllllove it but it looks bulky...
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