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Love It or Leave It? Colorful Cordless Phones

Be "fresh," "bold" or "elegant" with Panasonic's new colorful cordless phones. Featured on Popgadget, these digital phones come with all the specs of a standard cordless phone including 2.4-GHz frequency, wireless network compatibility, voice enhancer technology, a handset speakerphone, and a built-in clock with alarm. The "Fresh Series" includes Pearl Blue, Pearl Pink, Pearl Yellow and Pearl Violet, while the "Bold Series" includes Green, Orange, Red and Violet. Last but not least, the "Elegant Series" includes Deep Blue, Copper, Moss Green and Wine Red. Prices range from $50 to $60. Do you love them?

Join The Conversation
lilyj lilyj 9 years
It's not particularly ground breaking. The design itself is run of the mill and the color choices seem a bit cheesy. I can't see it in my house, but maybe in a teen's room...
Rosalyn Rosalyn 9 years
Cute and different. Not to sure if i like this or not. maybe for a teen room.
steen steen 9 years
They're cute but kind of cheesy.
Ashenturtle Ashenturtle 9 years
Although I'm trying to get rid of my land line, these are cute!
apgiggles apgiggles 9 years
i want the pink one!!
SassyAss SassyAss 9 years
I agree the pink is pukey It should be BUBBLE GUM PINK! people thats what a girlie girl wants... if she's into pink! :)
Ikandy Ikandy 9 years
Cute, I like the yellow 1, its unusual.
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
It's too pastel for me, reminds me of Easter eggs.
JenBrett JenBrett 9 years
who still has a land line at home?
laura1867 laura1867 9 years
For my bedroom for sure!
pinkkiwii84 pinkkiwii84 9 years
I love it, I just bought a hot pink cordless phone two days ago. It thrills me.
Agent-eau Agent-eau 9 years
pnayxphile pnayxphile 9 years
Cute and good idea... if it were the 90s.
fashionlvrspri fashionlvrspri 9 years
I'll stick with my cell.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
the light blue one would look pretty swell in my place!
Midnightkiss4u09 Midnightkiss4u09 9 years
Yeah i can live w/o this.
demeter demeter 9 years
Love it! I want the yellow!
nitronat nitronat 9 years
love the purple, could leave the other colors ;)
Daisie Daisie 9 years
The pearl violet and copper colors on the site are quite nice.
LuciLu LuciLu 9 years
cute! i wish they had a ruby red :)
Nitrobezene Nitrobezene 9 years
i could live without this
c0rkie c0rkie 9 years
looks too kiddish
miss_megs miss_megs 9 years
omg omg omg.... PINK!!!! I love it
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