Have you ever wondered what a stereo that costs about eight times the average college tuition looks like?

This stereo system, which was recently featured at Berlin's IFA trade show, touts a price tag of $860,608. Yes, you read that right.

In the center is a Clearaudio "Statement" turntable (that costs about $137,000), two subwoofers by JBL "Project Everest" (they're about $68,700 a pair) and four Velodyne subwoofers that total $52,000. Of course we can't forget to mention the Krell amps that are worth $163,000, a Mark Levinson pre-amp that costs $54,000 and some miscellaneous obscenely — and pricey — add-ons.

While there is always an air of mystique surrounding luxury gadgets, this set is just another example of how geeks can go terribly wrong creating intricate and painfully expensive devices. No one with $860,608 to burn on a stereo wants it to look like a machine that makes hubcaps. I'm just sayin'.

Source: Crave