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MSN Gets Its Very Own Twilight Website

Website of the Day: MSN Twilight

Only one more day until the highly anticipated New Moon premiere and I know you were just hoping I'd squeeze in one more Twilight tech treat before the big day. And here it is! MSN has launched its very own Twilight website that takes you right to Forks, Washington where all the Twilight excitement takes place.

You'll be able to take virtual tours of the Cullen house, the Forks Police Station, the Forks Hospital, Bella Italia, the dress shop, the bookstore, and the high school. Just don't try opening this site using Firefox on Mac or else you'll get this message (which I thought was pretty cheeky):

"Let's say Firefox on Mac is like a vampire and our video player is like a wolf pack. . . They just don't get along. We don't want you to miss out on the Twilight action though, so try opening our site in Safari for Mac."

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wmoonw wmoonw 7 years
Slightly off topic, but websites that restrict access based on operating system/browser are a huge pet peeve. Why not let me decide if it works, rather than arbitrarily restricting me? It's the same browser, after all, and I've never had something on the internet not work because I wasn't using windows. OK, done ranting now. On the topic of the website, they're a little late on the pizza place, bookstore and dress shop; wasn't that all from the first book only?
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