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Mailbox Launches For Android and Mac — Inbox Zero For All

Apr 9 2014 - 12:21pm

Why should iPhones have all the fun? The Dropbox-owned email client Mailbox is finally bringing its clean aesthetic and "inbox zero"-friendly features to Android and Mac desktops [1]. At their launch event in San Francisco, the team wanted the quality and UI of their email app to be "just as good on Android." It's available today in the Google Play Store [2] for free.

There's not only a new app — Mailbox introduced a new feature called auto-swipe as well. The app will start to predict your behavior. So if you always swipe emails from a certain sender to trash, then Mailbox will recognize that and a bubble will pop up asking if you want to automatically trash this type of thread in the future. The same goes for snoozing emails until after work or archiving messages. This new feature will declutter your inbox without you having to do anything. It ships with the Android app today and will arrive on iOS soon.

We also saw a preview of Mailbox for Mac, the desktop version of the popular email app. A lot of the mobile app's best features were implemented in the desktop version, like the ability to swipe gestures using a trackpad, the superminimal interface, and syncing email across all devices. It's meant to look as clean as possible. The compose window was even modeled after a blank sheet of paper. Mailbox for Mac is in limited beta, and interested parties can sign up at MailboxApp.com [3], down at the bottom. When it fully launches, mobile app users will be able to snooze their messages back to their computers, so you can just keep essential threads on your phone.

Mailbox for Mac Desktop Beta

Source: Dropbox [4]

Mailbox for Android — Inbox View

Photo: Kelly Schwarze

Mailbox for Android — Auto-Swipe

Source: Dropbox [5]

Mailbox for Android — Menu Drawer

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Mailbox for Android — Thread View

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Mailbox for Android — Snooze

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Mailbox for Android — Swipe to Archive

Source: Dropbox [9]

Mailbox for Android — Snooze Options

Source: Dropbox [10]

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