You don't have to be a geek to like wedding software, but if you like to be organized then perk up — this may be for you. If you've been using Excel spreadsheets to organize your wedding planning, that's great, but labor intensive, plus there is so much to remember to record and follow! Let some software hold your hand and tell you it's OK.

There's a few options as far as wedding software, and I like programs that are downloadable (no waiting time or waste!). iDo Software is a comprehensive mother lode of organization. They've pretty much thought of everything, from guest-list issues and organization (like invitation tracking, flight and hotel info for each, gift recording, and virtual seating charts) to preloaded checklists for anything and everything you might need. At $30, it's a lot cheaper and less high strung than hiring a J. Lo. Potential drawback? It's PC only.

To see more options, just


For other download options, check out's wedding collection, though most of those are PC-only as well. Fear not Mac users — for you, there is The Essential Wedding Planner.

Yes, you may be able to aggregate your spreadsheets and various websites that do one function that wedding software does, but like I said, it may save you a lot of time and labor! Good luck planning, wedding geeks!

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