When I head out on vacation (when I get the chance, anyway), I always choose a hotel that offers the most amenities to suit my techie tastes . . . and I think this would qualify as most geek-tastic of all: The Malibu Beach Inn is taking technology to a whole new level by issuing an iPod Touch to all of their guests at check-in equipped with a program called Hotel Evolution. Hotel Evolution enables them to order room service, schedule spa treatments, make reservations, or even have their dry cleaning sent out, all with a touch of the screen.

No more clunky TV check-outs or picking up a phone to call for room service! Although I'm digging the idea of having things so accessible with a standard-issue iPod Touch, I'm just wondering how realistic it is to ask people to carry not only their cell, MP3 player, and digital camera around, but to keep track of the hotel's iPod Touch! I can only imagine what the fee would be if you lost it. What do you think about the next step in "Hotel Evolution"?