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Man Sues Match.Com Posts Fake Profiles Posts Fake Profiles, Man Sues For Humiliation

One of the reasons some people are wary of online dating is that people tend to stretch the truth when describing themselves. Perhaps you can build up a BS detector for embellishments of electronic personalities, but what if the dating prospects were not even real?

That's what happened to New Yorker Sean McGinn, who's suing dating site for keeping around profiles of former users so that it would look like the site had far more romantic prospects than it did. McGinn is suing over deception, because he sent out many emails to profiles that were essentially dead. caused him "humiliation and disappointment," and he wants to stop Match from hurting the feelings of singles "who feel rejected when their e-mails get no reply."

For some people, it's a big leap to start online dating, and knowing that you may be signing up for even more rejection (however genuine) is a total deterrent.

So aside from McGinn, I know plenty of people with horror stories about love and the laptop. What's your worst online dating story?

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lal64 lal64 7 years
This I will be blunt about, back in October of 08, I was an active member of, alot of invsible profiles, you can tell by the counter. What happened to me has nothing to do with being rejected, its about being scammed out of money, and I know who did this , he is still an active member and he knew exactly how it worked. He called after Christmas and asked me how my was my holiday, then he asked me who I was dating, I had told him, I had been talking to a guy who of course I thought was a real profile, it was a fake one, oh yes. My friend asked me all these questions personal and so forth, by the way we dont talk anymore...What Im getting at here, the profile stated a guy from England and he was a widower had a child and of course, me stupid, fell for it. The thing is, this so called friend of mine has lied on his profile as well. He lives one state away from me. As far as the money, whats done is done. More than likely hes doing this to alot of girls/women , he knew too much about the scam and how it worked, and their occupation, and their bank account and actually showed me it. and stated he was coming here to America and so forth to have a relationship, and was in West Africa and next thing Im wiring him money , I wont disclose the amount. It didnt come from my checking account. Just a strong word of caution to any women out there, no matter what do not fall for some one like this, who is a sick individual and I hope he reads this, you might have even chatted with him on Match, he thinks hes good looking , hes lower then I cant even say. Oh and told me to call match and tell them what happened and the called me the next day and asked me what they were going to do about it. Like I said he was the scammer....I should give out his username but I wont, he will get whats coming to him and more....
longhornlass04 longhornlass04 8 years
I personally work for an online dating site (won't say which), but i'm surprised this is getting so much attention. Dating sites get suits left and right for people that just don't want to admit fault. And yes, filmgirl8, they do have a time frame for when they last logged in. Sometimes people just don't ask to have their profile taken down even though they aren't using it anymore. Congrats to the ladies that found love online! Oh and as for worst horror stories, NEVER NEVER EVER EVER give money to someone that states they are stuck overseas. That's just a given.
filmgirl81 filmgirl81 8 years
Also, don't they have the last log-in date for the user? So why did he even bother writing to people who haven't signed on in weeks?
filmgirl81 filmgirl81 8 years
Hah, I met my bf on okcupid too! And I was only on there for the tests, until I ran across his cute face and rated him. Like the previous poster wrote, this guy is humiliating himself by suing match. They never embarassed him.
hannagrrl hannagrrl 8 years
TinaDenali TinaDenali 8 years
I met my husband on :)
girlwparasol girlwparasol 8 years
I don't think I know anyone who has anything bad to say about online dating... Several family members have found their partners that way, and do nothing but sing praises for sites like eharmony and Lucky for them, I guess. I'm sure this case will get thrown out of court, but reading the whole story, I kind of feel for the guy. Plus, I feel it IS a bit scammy to not render someone's account as noticeably "inactive" after they either cancel the service or fail to use it for a length of time. I'd feel cheated, too, if I paid for a service that claimed it'd match me up with someone, and then only matched me with dead profile pages.
Jabbadoo Jabbadoo 8 years
It looks like it's not fake profiles he's against, it's old inactive profiles. So he sent an email to a bunch of people and got no response. Boo. Hoo. I have no patience for people who whine about stuff like this, and guess what, that probably came through in HIS profile, and I wouldn't have responded either.
weffie weffie 8 years
what an idiot! he's suing for humiliation, thereby humiliating himself even more... but really, most profiles are probably fake, he should've known better. hopefully this taught him to try meeting real-life people too!
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