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Mastering Close Range Flash: Overexposure Part 1

Proper exposure is crucial for making great digital pics as overexposure makes your pictures too bright and facial features are lost in the bright flash. Meanwhile, underexposure leaves your pictures dark and devoid of recognizable objects. While a full lesson of this subject matter could fill an entire textbook, you should start by taking control of three basic camera items: flash, exposure setting, and ISO setting.

The first step in preventing overexposure in close range photos is to take a few sample pics in the given environment with flash off, as this will let you see if ambient lighting is sufficient for good pictures. Just using ambient light will make your pictures come out as they appear to the naked eye. However, if the pictures are too dark then turn your flash back on and take another test picture.
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Generally, most new cameras have very bright flashes and at close range cause overexposure (i.e. people's faces will be very white and won't have any detail). You can counteract this problem by lowering your exposure setting (how to depends on the model). This will reduce the amount of light the camera will accept and keep your pictures full of detail and color.

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poppasmurf poppasmurf 10 years
1. Amateurs use flash in exactly the wrong circumstances: indoors at close range of people. There are better alternatives now. Check out the image-stabilized high-ISO cameras which will let you shoot pictures indoors without using flash, such as the new Canon SD800IS ( 2. Amateurs DONT use flash in exactly the wrong circumstances: outdoors in bright sunlight. Check out the "fill-flash" mode on your camera; almost all models support this feature. I'm happy to talk photo with anybody ... my wallet bears sad testimony to my addiction. :)
justjaime27 justjaime27 10 years
Oh, perfect! Thanks, geeksugar! The hubby and I just got a new digital camera from his parents, for Christmas, and I'm trying to learn how best to use I really appreciate this post, thank you!!! :)
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