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Match The Celeb With The Cell Phone

This should be a "can you spot the phone" rather than a "match the celeb with the cell phone" quiz because this trend-setting actress' dress is totally stealing the show! It's not everyday you find this celeb toting her cell phone around like Paris or Britney do, so you may have to think long and hard about this one... Any idea who it is? Leave all your comments and guesses below!
To find out who this fashion icon is,

It is Sarah Jessica Parker!

Join The Conversation
ispyemo ispyemo 10 years
the dress gave it away. she always wears those types of dresses. sjp looks amazing here too by the way.
jmmst49 jmmst49 10 years
aw I love her!
elmendoa elmendoa 10 years
SJP obvi. You can tell by her hands!
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 10 years
I knew it. I could tell by her arms. Sad huh?
steen steen 10 years
I actually got this one, haha!
Midnightkiss4u09 Midnightkiss4u09 10 years
She looks ok.
Princess-Rebecca Princess-Rebecca 10 years
Wrinkly hands, that must be SJP
lady-T lady-T 10 years
i got it i got it :pepino:
woodycakes woodycakes 10 years
SJP! i love her!!!
redsugar redsugar 10 years
kendallina kendallina 10 years
Got it!
sweetrae80 sweetrae80 10 years
i knew it was her!
SoCalSugar SoCalSugar 10 years
Got it! The hair and the shoes give it away :)
Danni99 Danni99 10 years
Oops, please forgive the double post!
Danni99 Danni99 10 years
SJP is the first one I've nailed. It's her nasty looking arms. She's the only celeb with forearms like that. Ugh.
rainonme224 rainonme224 10 years
man she's pretty!
JessNess JessNess 10 years
yea I got it!!!! I recognized the hair even though you can only see a little of it
Mainly-Obsessed Mainly-Obsessed 10 years
yeah...these are waaaaay too hard for me
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