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Matt Harding and David Pogue at Macworld 2009

Where the Hell Is Matt Harding? He's at Macworld, Baby!

I got up bright and early yesterday morning to wait in line for the David Pogue panel at Macworld, and was pleasantly surprised to find that this wouldn't be like the other forums I've seen before — this was the David Pogue Show! Set up like a late night talk show set, David welcomed a few tech-savvy guests you may (or may not) recognize, one of them being Matt Harding.

Matt is the dancing man you (and 17 million others) have seen on YouTube, going from country to country, dancing the same little jig at each location. Matt was there to tell us all about how he started this whole adventure in the first place. Check out how it began when you


After spending years as a video game designer, Matt had a change of heart:

I had just quit my job — cause I realized I wasn't very good at it — but I realized I was really good at traveling, so I made my first video in 2003, shot it on a little digital camera I kept in my pocket and was easy to carry around. In 2005, it was sorta "found" and got over a million views, and that's when Stride Gum approached me and asked me to do a video for them.

I'm totally blown away to see how someone could make a career out of dancing around the world, just by doing what they love! Enjoy Matt's latest video above, and I'll be the first to admit that I'm totally jealous.

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