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McDonald's, Starbucks, and Jack in the Box Offering Free WiFi?

McDonald's, Starbucks, and Jack in the Box Offering Free WiFi?

Starbucks has yet to roll out its free WiFi across the country, but in the meantime, it looks as though other franchises are jumping on board the free WiFi initiative.

With over 15,000 McDonald's already offering free WiFi, the competition between Starbucks and McDonald's is growing stiffer, and it doesn't seem to be ending there. Although there hasn't been an official announcement, Jack in the Box restaurants across California and Arizona now have free wireless Internet.

Rumor has it that it's only the recently remodeled restaurants that are wired, so if you're in need of some free net surfing, plus you're craving a big burger, your local Jack in the Box may be able to deliver the goods!


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Knowzy Knowzy 9 years
Thanks for sharing, geeksugar. Jack in the Box locations with free Wi-Fi are still pretty rare, but one-by-one they're coming online. According to store managers, four more are due to go live in my area this April or May. I'm building a list of known Jack hotspots (since the company isn't dishing it out). Check out the article at Knowzy to see if yours is one of them. And if you spot a Jack with free Wi-Fi, let me know and I'll add it to the list. Great site, ladies. I feel a little out of place here but my wife will feel right at home! ;)
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i guess evreyone is jumping on the bandwagon. there are places in NYC i believe that have free wi-fi that aren't even in a retail space - so i wonder how long it'll be until it's just an understood that you can get free wifi anywhere.
Tech Tech 9 years
ahha too funny! That would be a great story for our funny tech stories group!
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
:ROTFL: Great story, ikimashokie!
ikimashokie ikimashokie 9 years
There's a restaurant near my house called Huddle House, it's like a waffle house that sells lunch/dinner items moreso than waffles. For a while, they had a sign up that said "free wifi!". I figured I'd go there and do homework while I was at home, or got tired of dial-up. My aunt comes over one day, she is having computer problems and wants my boyfriend and I to take a look. Dial-up was not helping our attempts to fix the problem, so we decided to go see if Huddle House still had free wifi. I walk in, laptop in arm, and ask the waitress: "Do you still have free wifi?" "Wi-what?" "free wifi." "what-fi?" "you know, wireless internet?" this was accompanied by the "magic information floating through the sky" hand motion. She looks around, as if she is expecting it to pop out of a table or something, and says "I don't know what that is... I don't think we have it." We stared at each other for about a minute, as if the other had grown a second head, exchanged blinks, and then my aunt, boyfriend, and I left.
Tech Tech 9 years
Straighthoodtea: Barnes & Noble is $4? For how long? That is soo expensive! And Jude C, I totally agree. Sometimes when you go to a fast food restaurant you just want to get in and out. Not the coziest places to pull out a laptop!
VitaminCM VitaminCM 9 years
I guess competition actually does benefit the consumer. For once any way.
angelinemarie angelinemarie 9 years
as if! that is cool : )
Straighthoodtea Straighthoodtea 9 years
My local Mc Donalds has been doin that for like two years. I thought it was the same with all Mc Donalds? Maybe they just randomly started to advertise it. =P So long to Barnes & Noble with their $4 wifi charge. =D
ninjastarlett ninjastarlett 9 years
They have it at Denny's now too! It's limited to like half an hour or an hour though. I think you can pay for the extra afterwards?
AnnieMarie AnnieMarie 9 years
When I lived in Mexico, all of the McDonalds had free WiFi, I've always wondered why its taken so long for them to roll it out in all of their locations in the U.S. I'm glad that Jack in the Box is hopping on the bandwagon, Panera also had free WiFi.
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
It's a great idea for Starbucks--I'm surprised it's taken this long, actually--but I don't know about for the fast-food chains. I live in San Diego, and I have to say that 99% of the fast-food places I've been to--and I've been to a lot--have pretty, uh, creepy eat-in customers. I would never whip out a laptop or an iPhone or whatever in my local McDonald's or Jack in the Box, if for no other reason than the fear of getting mugged for it.
Lonikins Lonikins 9 years
That is amazing. I'm sick of going to places (like Barnes and Noble) and being told I have to pay for wi-fi. Although I don't enjoy the idea of just hanging around a McDonalds lol
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