You might think I'm a little hippie-dippy for this (or uh, a San Franciscan), but I put a lot of stock into the Mercury retrograde. Hear me out: an astrological occurrence that happens three times a year (we're currently in one; it's from Sept. 24 to Oct. 15 this year), when Mercury is in retrograde — meaning, the planet stops, slows down, and seems to go backward — crazy things happen.

When I explained to a second person recently what was going on in the sky, as they complained of odd feelings and things going haywire, I had to find out more. I discovered that the root of what the retrograde effects is communication, and of course, that means tech. To find out what happens, just


Apparently, this is the time when emails are said to go missing, phone calls and messages don't get received, computers malfunction or telephone lines go down. Of course, there's no hard evidence to say that Mercury in retrograde is the reason your boss never got your "I'm sick" email, but it's not a terrible excuse.

Tell me: have you noticed any weird things going on with your tech or communications lately?