Michael Fleming's Putrid Pals at Wondercon 2009
Wondercon 2009: Putrid Pals

Remember when I said there was plenty of cute to be found on the expo floor of Wondercon? Well, I kind of couldn't get over these little guys, called Putrid Pals which as described by artist Michael Fleming, were "undead French boys." I could see how that description may gross some people out, but look at them! Totally cute, and only $20 bucks each. If I were a rich girl, I may have come home with lots of little trinkets that would have overrun my desk here at work. But Michael doesn't just create toys, he's also a great artist who does prints, comics, and posters for a local dance troupe based in SF. Check out a few more pics of his work in the gallery.

They are cute, but $20? O_O
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