Microsoft Announces Kin One and Kin Two Windows Phones

Today in San Francisco, Microsoft unveiled its "Project Pink" phones, the Kin One and Kin Two, who's OS is unlike the new Windows Phone 7, and more in line with Motorola's Motoblur. Microsoft acquired Danger Inc. back in 2008 (makers of the Sidekick), and these phones are a product of their partnership. The phones are definitively social devices, as Microsoft drove home that its market consumers are young, socially connected individuals who have a full and multifaceted digital life online.

The Kin One is a small and pocket-friendly clamshell design, while the Kin Two is a candybar-style phone, a little reminiscent of the Sidekick's design. Both phones include touchscreens and slide-out QWERTY keyboards. The homescreen, called your Loop, shows you all your latest status updates and allows you to easily update all of them at once. Additionally, the "Kin Spot" is a cool feature that allows you to use your touchscreen to locate content on your phone you want to share (whether it be a website, photos, texts, etc.), "pick it up" (like copying), then drag and drop the content into the "Kin Spot" to quickly and automatically share with your favorite people.

Want to know more about the Microsoft Kin series phones? See lots of photos, and all the dirty details, when you read more.

  • Home screen brings you to all of your social networks, including latest status updates, which you can update all at once, called the "Loop."
  • Kin Spot — a touchscreen dot that allows you to "pick up" content that you want to share and drag, and drop into the "Kin Spot" to automatically share with your favorite people.
  • Prioritize your friends in different groups so your closest friends pop up first for emails, texts, and social network messages.
  • Pinch and zoom available on the main screen.
  • Ships with Zune already built in to the phone.
  • KinStudio allows you to see your photos, video, call history, and your Loop online, on any browser. Stored in the cloud, your phone is automatically backed up when you connect to the Kin Studio so you never lose any data.
  • Automatically geo-tags photos and video.
  • Kin One comes stocked with a 5MP camera with flash, while the Kin Two is packed with an 8MP camera lens with flash and shoots video in 720p HD.
  • The Kin One comes with 4GB on board memory, while the Kin Two boasts 8GB of internal memory space. Both are expandable with memory cards.
  • Available on Verizon networks in May.
Seriously, why not put the money towards an iPhone? That is the true investment considering you can manipulate the device to fit your needs and wants, all with apps. These other phones just come off as either relics or wannabes.
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