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Microsoft Announces Plans to Open Chain of Physical Stores

Microsoft to Open Retail Stores a la Apple

PC fans rejoice: Microsoft announced yesterday that they're going to open their own line of retail stores soon.

Microsoft briefly opened a store in San Francisco that closed in 2001, but this new effort will start with a few small stores. It makes sense to have a brick-and-mortar place to go for your products — it certainly worked for Apple, their stores being a place to go for fun browsing and of course, a reliable place to get your tech repaired, which would only be a help to the PC-devoted many.

What do you think? Are you psyched that Microsoft will have its own physical stores?


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verily verily 8 years
I don't really see the point. Microsoft software is sold everywhere. With the exception of the iPods and iPhones, Apple computers and software aren't as widely distributed; therefore, there is a bigger reason for people to visit a store that specializes in Apple products. And what kind of Genius bar could Microsoft run? They're only going to support their software; the moment your computer problem gets isolated to the hardware, their support for your computer is going to end and you're SOL.
witchbaby witchbaby 8 years
it would be nice if you have warranties and have a place to drop off your computer especially for parents who aren't tech savvy to read forums and message boards about how to DIY your tech problems.
ChicBookFiend ChicBookFiend 8 years
They'll probably be very small stores. I mean, they don't have a lot of hardware, do they? They're mostly a software company.
Katie-Kat398180 Katie-Kat398180 8 years
I'm psyched for the stores. I'm curious to see what they're going to do with them. Should be interesting to find out soon.
esmerb esmerb 8 years
I agree with Microsoft coping Apple! I'm kinda of sick of it!
EvilDorkGirl EvilDorkGirl 8 years
I hate Windows. I only use it because I have to for work; I don't see myself stepping foot in this store.
kiwigeek kiwigeek 8 years
Geez Mickysoft! Stop copying Apple! First Windows 7, which in my opinion has elements of Leopard in it, and now, the stores! Other than that thought it could be a good idea.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
@myname I was kind of thinking the same thing but couldn't put my thoughts together as well as you did. I had once read that the Xbox group actually likes to distance itself from Microsoft. Not sure if that is still true or not.
mynameischief mynameischief 8 years
I've always been a Mac fan, but I have nothing against loving PCs and Microsoft. I'm just kind of confused as to what they will be selling... I mean will it be some Xboxs and Zunes and then a bunch of software? Or are they going to start making computers?
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