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Microsoft's Image-Based Face Search Matches Potential Dates' Faces With Celebrities

Microsoft Wants You to Creep Out Regular People, Not Just Celebrities

Want to take your crush on John Krasinski creepily far? One day, you may be able to upload his face to your dating website of choice when you're looking for love and find the regular Joe who most closely resembles your celebrity crush. This is what Microsoft's new patent, called Image-Based Face Search will do — instead of entering age/religion/location, just browse for that Clooney pic you keep on your desktop and bam! Virtual George is in your hometown.

Does this make anyone else feel shallow and kinda dirty? And yet, I would be lying if I didn't tell you I was way past curious to see the local single men who resemble my beloved Jim Halpert. Dirty feeling or not, tell me whose picture you'd upload!

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