With the news of the Jerry Seinfeld/Microsoft commercials being put aside for now (only 14 percent of you liked their ads more than Apple's "Get a Mac" ads), Microsoft has revealed that their next campaign will be a more direct hit at Apple (and thankfully, more direct in general).

Known as the "I'm a PC" ads, Microsoft will portray various non-dorky Microsoft users attesting to what they do and what they're like — ostensibly not nerds like John Hodgman's portrayal. In addition, they have a more direct anti-Apple attack with a John Hodgman clone who satirically declares he is a PC and has "been made into a stereotype."

On the one hand, it's kind of a "Touche" on Microsoft's part, but since these are so hot on the heels of the universally confounding Seinfeld ads, I can't help but feel like these were thrown together to try to salvage their image and just went for a cheap shot — and worse, lazily imitated a successful ad campaign.

What do you think? Is Microsoft right on, or just hanging on?