I'm human; I was totally charmed by Kylie, the little girl from the new Microsoft ads. "I'm a PC and I'm 4!" she exclaims. While the Seinfeld ads were semientertaining, they were also pointless in that they didn't illustrate Microsoft's product at all.The following, more direct "I'm a PC" ads got more to the point (all kinds of people are PCs, dig?). Now it looks like Microsoft is going for our sweet tooth with the Kylie ad, first, and now, this one featuring 7-year-old Alexa, also showing how easy it is to upload photos to her PC.

Even though I think Macs and PCs are equally easy to upload photos to (maybe show the kids doing something a little more, complex, hmm?), I have to say that I like this series, known as "Rookies," a whole lot more.

What do you think?