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Mobile Payment Consumer Survey

Would You Pay On the Go?

When Google recently announced its Google Wallet mobile payment system, we asked if you would consider using the pay-on-the-go option. While our Facebook poll indicated you weren't interested in loading sensitive financial information on a phone, mobile payments do look to be in our buying future.

Verifone, the company that powers much of the electronic retail payment systems used in stores every day, released a survey of Americans' attitude toward adopting mobile payment solutions over the next several years. Some interesting statistics from the survey include:

  • 57 percent of adults expect that mobile payments will become widespread over the next three years.
  • 47 percent of consumers are content knowing that all their personal and financial information on a mobile phone is completely secure. (Conversely, we can take this statistic to show that a majority of consumers do not feel their financial information is completely secure on a mobile phone.)
  • 43 percent of women say they would never use a mobile phone to pay for goods and services compared to 32 percent of men.

While companies like Verifone, Google, and Square begin to roll out mobile payment solutions, it appears that the majority of consumers are still concerned about the security of their personal information and credit card details. Tell us, what's your take on our mobile payment future?

Source: Verifone

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