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MobileEdge Releases Checkpoint-Friendly Bags "For Her"

Do You Trust Checkpoint-Friendly Bags?

Ever since the concept of a checkpoint-friendly bag came onto the scene, I've been underwhelmed. So far, the bags produced haven't been so stylish, including these newly-released checkpoint-friendly bags by MobileEdge "for her."

The main reason I'm wary to purchase a new bag is that I just don't believe I'll get through the security line without having to remove my computer from one of these special bags. And I would not be about to argue with airport security either with a, "Oh no, you don't understand, this bag is checkpoint-friendly!"

Adding fuel to my theory is that the TSA approved some common styles of laptop bag for this purpose, but at no time on my recent flights has anyone assured me that I could leave my computer in its sleeve.

Therefore, I don't necessarily trust that I'd be able to breeze through airport security, laptop in laptop bag the whole time — not quite yet, anyway. Do you?

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jemimajane78 jemimajane78 8 years
Not for me
JessieJay JessieJay 8 years
Caroline, my opinion is that even if I save 5, 10, 20 seconds at either end of the line, there is a benefit to having one less thing to do. Shoes, jewelry, etc. etc... Also, you need to consider the additional benefits of protection (obviously the less your laptop is out of the bag, the less likely it is to get damaged), and security (in fact, I just read in an inflight magazine that the number of laptops stolen at airports is mid-boggling... something like a half-million or more a year (I just googled it to make sure I wasn't mis-stating what I read). Anyway, obviously not everyone is going to agree on the need or benefit of these bags, but I am a believer and fan. In fact, I just went through JFK with my Skooba and the screener herself came over to check it out. She thought it was great.
amerikanbeanhead amerikanbeanhead 8 years
So if I have my MacBook in a hard pink snap on case and a pink sleeve from incase would I have major problems?
caroline_1 caroline_1 8 years
it takes an additional like 5 seconds to slide my lappy out of my backpack and throw it in a bin... i dont really see how buying another (and considerably overpriced) bag will make a difference, i'm still going to be in long lines at security, im still gonna have to take my shoes off and empty my pockets.. its 5 seconds.
MuggleCrazed MuggleCrazed 8 years
I've gone through security lines recently and I use a Fabrix laptop sleeve. Whenever I go through recently I leave the laptop in the sleeve. I get asked whether there are any wires or other materials in the and I respond No. and then they let my computer stay in the sleeve. However, on the same trip a person I was traveling with kept her laptop in her Incase sleeve and they asked her to take it out. I think she had the screen cloth and business card in there and after it went through, they asked her to pull the laptop out of the case. but on other trips she has been fine. If you have any type of sleeve I think that as long as it's the only thing in the sleeve you can let it remain.
molivolo molivolo 8 years
Hi, I work for Mobile Edge and actually worked with TSA officials on this new line of Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags. The TSA asked manufacturers to make Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags to help reduce wait times for travelers when going through airport security. We launched our men's ScanFast Collection back in August this year. As a leader in stylish laptop cases for women, we knew we had to create stylish cases for women that are also Checkpoint Friendly. We did so with this new collection. I can promise you that once you see these cases in person you will be impressed. I've copied a link to the TSA website below. The press release states their TSA agents will be trained on the new laptop cases that are TSA compliant. This is a real initiative and I have personally used our ScanFast Backpack several times and flew through airport security faster than ever. I recommend you click on this link below to read directly from the TSA. Regards, Matthew Olivolo Mobile Edge
JessieJay JessieJay 8 years
Well, if it helps, I can chime in from experience... I travel a lot and I have one of the Skooba Checkthrough bags (not one of the ones above). It works perfectly, every time, absolutely no problem. And to psychobabble's concern, no prob getting the laptop in and out fast. Now, my bag is not feminine like the ones above--it was pretty clearly not designed to be chic--so that might be a turn-off for fashionista geeks. It is much more of a traditional black business case, but for what it's worth, it is really well made and nicely organized. if you are a business "road warrior," I'd definitely give it a look, but if you are either a casual traveler or a must-have-fashion type, you probably want one of the ones in this post. If they work the same way mine does, you'll be fine. Safe/fun travels! JJ
Tsybrant Tsybrant 8 years
According those pesky little TSA folks, there is no such thing as a checkpoint friendly bag! I keep asking and keep getting looked at like I have a third eye... going to stop asking. :)
lemonbars lemonbars 8 years
I'm with you... I wouldn't trust that every TSA employee is supposed to know what a checkpoint-friendly bag looks like.
psychobabble psychobabble 8 years
I'd only be interested if it was a bag that made is really easy to get the laptop out quickly. (Unlike my backpack) But I would not trust that I wouldn't have to pull it out.
devils devils 8 years
I don't believe in that. Honestly, I don't think I expect them all to actually recognize a "checkpoint-friendly" bag. I'd rather just take it out of my bag/sleeve - it might end up just being easier!
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