Talk about a geeky DIY project! A guy named Matt spent the last couple of months collecting scrap CPUs and creating an elaborate CPU desk. The project began this spring when Matt and his co-workers started upgrading a customer's computer and realized several hundred Itanium CPUs, in perfect working order, were going to be scrapped. Inspired by a computer chip trivet article, he decided to improve his desktop by tiling it with the old CPUs.

"I’m well pleased with the result – this is probably one of the better-looking things that I’ve ever made," Matt says on his blog. "The chips glow nicely in the light of the monitor, when working in a dark room at night (shows dirt badly - I had to take the glass out again to clean those chips in front of the screen one more time). I had thought about putting some sort of lighting under the glass (LEDs or cold-cathodes), but I’m glad I didn’t. I think it works just fine as it is."
Source: Neatorama